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Event Till Solutions provide flexible packages of festival and event till provision, designed to keep your crowds happy, increase profit and protect revenue.

Our rental equipment is simple to install and easy to operate. It improves speed of service and facilitates contactless card payments to boost your turnover even more.

Optional live data capture improves cash management efficiency, while opening up a world of post-event data analysis. These in-depth diagnostics of event financials offer invaluable insights for future event planning.

We have developed our fast, efficient system through years of active research in the field with bar companies we have partnered with.

Take a look at our services below, and if you'd like a chat about how we can help your event run more smoothly and profitably, please get in touch.

Till Rental

Our custom made brackets house a manual till drawer, iPad & frame, and contactless iZettle card reader & stand. We have designed this system to modernise event operations. The alternative is manual tills, that can result in poor cash management and provide very limited stock & sale analytics.

Our till solution is supplied with EPOS (electronic point of sale) This event specific EPOS provides a huge range of data capture and analytics, along with in-depth cash and stock management functionality. All that we ask you to provide is a robust Wifi connection, we can happily advise on this area.

The Equipment

  • Custom Bracket
  • Till Drawer
  • iZettle Card Reader
  • iZettle stand
  • Apple iPad
  • iPad frame
  • Leads and USB plug

Pricing pER TILL

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The rental costs for each full till set up are as follows:

Delivery, installation and collection is quoted separately

Menu building for each event is charged at £40 per hour.

For long term rental, please contact us for a quote

(please note that due to the associated costs of delivery, install & collection, along with menu building, rentals of under 10 tills maybe non-viable)

Cash Free Tills

An increasing number of festivals and events are going cash free. We can provide iPads, software and iZettle card readers to allow you to go cash free. These compact units come without a cash drawer and facilitate card & mobile payment.

Other Services

We are always happy to offer advice, and if we can help, or some we know can, we’ll do our best. We work with a number of wifi & EPOS providers, and can put you in contact.

Alongside our tills set ups, we can also off the rental of the individual components: manual till drawers, iPads, iPads stands, iZettle Card Readers & stands. In addition, we can also supply electronic till drawers,  iPad minis and bluetooth printers, please contact us if you’d like a quote.

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RW Tills at Winter Wonderland 039copy.jpg

Benefits & Features



Our tills are ideal for use by event organisers or service providers looking for full visibility of all transactions, cash movement and stock usage across bars, concessions or traders.

When using the EPOS software supplied with the tills, the account holder can view every transaction live, allowing full transparency with service providers and operators, and in depth analysis of detailed sales data post event.

Cash Management Facility

The EPOS software facilitates effective live cash management. The software is customised to allow managers or supervisors to run spot checks on any till at any time to identify any cash deficit in the till draws.

When adding float or removing cash to be banked the figures are simply inputted directly into the iPads, so all movements of cash can be effectively monitored.

The back of house dashboard allows full visibility across all tills from any online computer or device . Event organisers or bar operators can view the hourly turnover on a per till, bar or event basis live or post show at any point, as well as the break down between cash, card or mobile payment.

We can guide you through the cash management procedure. Alternatively, we can provide staff to work with you and oversee your till operations and cash management process. In addition, we can recommend onsite banking facilities if required. Please contact us for further information

Stock Management Assistance

The EPOS software allows accurate reporting of all stock sold. Stock usage and trends can then be viewed per till, concessions, bar or across your event.

The data is clearly displayed and allows in depth analysis. Stock reports can be compared to physical stock checks to calculate usage and identify leakage

Contactless Payments

Contactless payments provide a number of benefits to both the customer & the operator.

  • Increased transaction speed:

Contactless card reader result in quicker transactions & fewer abandoned sales, reducing queue times.

  • Increased spend:

Facilitating card sales increases average transaction value and produces an uplift in footfall due to increased convenience.

  • Cost reduction:

Contactless card readers lead to improved staff productivity as customers make contactless transactions with minimal staff intervention. Another direct benefit is the reduced cost of cash handling and reduced cash shrinkage risk (theft and fraud)

In addition there's reduced receipt handling time & cost, as receipt only needs to be produced/emailed when a customer requests one.

  • Increase payment options:

iZettle card readers not only allow contactless card payments, but also phone payments via all major providers: Apple Pay, Android Pay, Paypal and Samsung Pay.



  • Boomtown: 2016 - 2017: 200 Tills
  • Winter Wonderland: 2016 & 2017: 40 tills
  • Tom Jones, Lichfield, UK Tour: 2016: 30 tills
  • Arcadia Queens Square, Bristol: 2015: 100 tills
  • Love Saves The Day: 2015 - 2017: 120 tills
  • Somerley Tea Party: 2015 & 2016: 40 tills
  • Strawberries & Creem: 2016 & 2017: 45 tills
  • Glastonbury Festival: Arcadia 2015 & 2016: 20 tills
  • Glastonbury Festival: Shangri La 2016: 30 tills
  • Stereophonics, Wrexham, UK Tour 2016: 70 tills
  • Olly Murs, Wrexham 2017: 40 tills
  • The Downs, Bristol 2016 & 2017: 110 tills
  • Shambala Festival 2015 - 2017: 43 tills
  • Bristol Kite Festival 2015: 5 tills
  • Noisily Festival 2016: - 2017: 20 tills
  • In Between Times, Bristol: 2015 & 2017: 7 tills
  • Alfresco Disco, Bristol: 2015 - 2017: 30 tills
  • Simple Things, Bristol: 2015 - 2017: 10 tills
  • Manchester Pride: 2017: 25 tills
  • Bristol Pride 2017: 15 tills
  • Oktoberfest Bristol 2017: 15 tills
  • Origami Events: 2015 - 2017: assorted events




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(please note that due to the associated costs of delivery, install & collection, along with menu building, rentals of under 10 tills maybe non-viable)

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